Good day, guys! The guys were out for a bite to eat and a few drinks when they spotted two locals doing the same not far from them. One was not all that interesting but the otherÖ definitely a Thai stunner whom looks like sheís built for staying up late. After some gossip, one of the girls departed and left sexy there all alone by herself. Of course, thinking this girl needs something big and strong in her, she was invited over to join the boys.

Those short-shorts, long legs, sexy black high heels and slim figure was already 3 reasons more than needed to invite her over but the innocent lack of ability to speak English (or even her own language for that matter) made it for even easier pickins! She says she is only 20 years old and lots of other things but girls like this, no matter how hot this Thai stunner may be, are sometimes oblivious to what men, like our rod-man here, really want to give them. Itís not just conversation, itís not just company and itís definitely not just intellect.. itís to give her something big and strong thatís living in their pants! Luckily, she soon become quite aware of this white blokeís intentions.

As per the usual, after some carefully laid threats of a good time, this Thai stunner had it in her mind (in whichever language that may be.. the poor marble-mouthed thing) of what was to come after a short ride in the tuktuk and she seemed quite happy with that thought! Itís like I have always said: All girls are sluts, you just need to remind them of how good it feels to be one.

With that being said guys, once back at the room, it was easy to see she was game. Teasing with a view of her super short shorts, Mr Naughty fingered her right there and didnít stop exploring her for a moment. Definitely one of the cutest asses weíve ever seen. After some foreplay, more fingering and a nice blowjob, it was time to mount!

That tight hairy pussy was creaming up quick and the rodeo was unleashed! Manhandled in every position, she was fucked steadily by our man here and showed us all how she likes to ride a strangerís cock until her very fine hairy pussy was literally caked in cock juice! Thatís one cumshot no man would ever forget seeing nor would she ever forget this experience! Hint, watch for the blooper we decided not to edit out! Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!

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